Fellatio Artistry

I have a Cock sucking Vocation. I do not consider it giving a blow “job”; I give an “oral experience”. I am not just “good” at it but exemplary. My enthusiasm and ability to perfectly milk a cock according to a man’s preference, is a gift. All that aside, I do not give my husband blow jobs. I stopped 4 years ago, when I ‘emotionally divorced’ him.

The reason I do not suck him off anymore? He does not take the time or effort to please and pleasure me WITH his penis and so while I still allow him to fuck me for the 5 minutes he takes to orgasm once inside of me, I am not going to ‘gift him’ with an experience that is highly enjoyable to him. I don’t want an up close and personal look at something we fight over constantly. I miss being fucked and played with for an hour or two by a hard cock that can last or at least bounce back; he doesn’t think getting medical help is important and so I no longer think pleasing him orally is important; so he can miss MY blow jobs as pay back.

And payback is a bitch, just like I am being about refusing to give him oral sex. He knows exactly what he’s missing. It’s a hell of a lot easier for me to find 100 different cocks to replace his penis with, than it is for him to find anyone else, male or female, to suck off someone who is sexually selfish and so poorly endowed.

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26 Responses to Fellatio Artistry

  1. kdaddy23 says:

    With what I’ve learned about your situation, I don’t blame you for not doing it for him… and I’d feel sorry for anyone else who did, to be honest…

  2. Pua Nani says:

    I’m the same way when it comes to blow jobs. I know how it is to be a passionate perfectionist 😉

  3. primalnights says:

    I have the same in reverse when it comes to oral sex. My wife asked me about 3 weeks ago to spend some time with her giving her pleasure, which I was thrilled to do. She asked me to really enjoy myself but to also spend some time torturing her big tits. Glad to! I spent about 2 hours licking and enjoying every inch of her and I played with and sucked and slapped and pinched her titties until she was completely satisfied. She loved it and was super happy. She is great in bed when she wants to be which is seldom and this night had been the first night in many months. The next day she went on and on about how great it was etc. I was excited thinking maybe she would return the favor and for a couple of days as we went to bed I was nuts with anticipation, but nope. Its been 3 plus weeks and nothing. She said the first week, I need to recover a bit (I know here pussy was sore) and then the 2nd and third week she just would not. In our whole life together she had never devoted herself to pleasuring me ever! Back to the same old thing, I wonder why do I do it she is totally selfish. Too bad your not a neighbor of mine! I would love a night with someone where both parties were givers. I know what you mean.

  4. diirrty says:

    if the main meal requires “time and effort” before dessert, then he doesn’t know shit from clay.
    for the record, i’m a degustation with matching wines kind of guy 😉

    • rougedmount says:

      unfortunately he is “not teachable” as he is selfish in bed when it comes to fingers or mouth and unable to control himself if he tries to use an erection that is very small and guaranteed to go soft unless he cums in the first few seconds or minutes of penetration. once he does, he is 100% done and petulant that I am upset to be left frustrated again. your style is much more appropriate.

  5. loneyheart says:

    I loved reading this. I too am a girl who loves the time and devotion it takes to properly give good oral. Anyone can drool on it, or yank it. But it is a fine art to making a man beg you to finish him off because you have kept him on the edge of an orgasm with your mouth and hands. That level of power is intoxication for me. And I stopped with my ex long ago, because he too was selfish. He used to be very good in the oral skills but when he desire stopped he chose to refuse to fill my needs.

    • rougedmount says:

      …EXACTLY…mostly women who have done it in the past, don’t stop because we don’t care for it..we stop because we feel the disparity in reciprocation or effort.

      • loneyheart says:

        they seem to forget that you get as good as you give. And if you want to me to worship you from my knees you had better be willing to do the same. But some men find it not MANLY. Total dumb asses because there is nothing more manly than a confidant sexy man willing to make his woman melt by putting his mouth and fingers all over her sweet tasty pieces.

      • rougedmount says:

        high five and an amen sister

  6. Panty Parade says:

    I’m not a fan of the “tit for tat” when it comes to sex, but I’m not involved in a long term relationship, so I suppose I’m an outlier in this respect.

    • rougedmount says:

      it’s not so much about tit for tat..but when years (yes…years) pass and no reciprocation occurs, it becomes more about accepting the other person is also withholding communication, effort and intimacy…not just a sexual act.

      • Panty Parade says:

        I can accept that. I hope any future relationships I find myself in do not get to that point.

      • rougedmount says:

        its easy to stop and get out of until you are married and mortgaged and have a young family and joint business ventures..the longer you are financially intertwined the harder it is to get out of…i personally love the idea of “pay for play”..but you have to have a willing partner and if your relationship has deteriorated to the point someone is no longer willing to talk about oral sex..chances are this may not be a good topic to bring up or think will work either

  7. play613796 says:

    You offer an excellent description explaining the difference between a BJ and an “oral experience.” Judging from what I know about your relationship, your decision to withhold your “gift” is entirely justified. It’s sad but true. A healthy relationship takes two people willing and eager to please each other. My wife and I may be unique, but we would both rather give than receive. Because we do, we’re willing to provide our “gift” to each other at any time, and often spontaneously. We both receive the most pleasure in each other’s orgasms, even over our own.

    • rougedmount says:

      there truly is no better combination as a giver to be paired with another giver…its a battle to please the other person..I have had this experience with just one lover and it was by far the most incredible experience of my life.

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