between heaven and earth

Have you ever thought about the responsibility of the firmament

The thin, not even there, barrier between us and non existence

It does not start anywhere, as we are in it, even when grounded

It does not gain perspective until it does something remarkable

Like at the sun rise or set when fire touches the heavens

It can be a crisp clear blue backdrop to a myriad of white clouds

Wafting on an invisible path towards a distant horizon

Dispersing in delicate trails of gossamer wisps and swirls

Reforming in cascading and magical formations of wonder

Its only when we see the multiple layers of billowing vapours

That we understand the vastness of the tantalizing ceiling above us

Swirling bilious weather in seasonal moods of violent purging

Blackened skies throwing freezing rains in horizontal gusts

From bitter winds carrying the bite of winters wrath and hurricanes

To the promise of an early spring with the portage of delicate scents

We look to the skies every day and notice when things vary from normal

When a miniscule shift of ozone changes the neutral light of day to yellow

Offering a visual warning of impending danger as tornados approach

When clear skies at dusk give the promise of the velvet black to follow

Stretched from horizon to horizon with the infinity of star lights

Creating riotous patterns of constellations and brilliant flashes

Of far away galaxies cradling other worlds like our own

The weight of the world rests on nothing we can see

Except in the exhalation of breath on a frosty evening walk

Or the steam rising off the still glass of a lake in the early morning

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4 Responses to between heaven and earth

  1. writingthebody says:

    Firmament…..”see,See how Christ’s blood streams in the firmament!” Love that word, and how Marlowe uses it just there…..well, this is a nice poem too.,…

  2. writingthebody says:

    And it is true too that there is a delicate balance….frost, steam….wind blasting us…and no clear sense of where it all leads….sorry, I am really full of champagne…just liked this.

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