Holiday of the Pie


They are a great source of ambivalence for me. They are either my nuclear family doing something or my husband taking the kids over to his families so they can celebrate with his mother, 2 brothers and sister in law…without me. You see “I” was never part of “their” family. A comment made continuously over the years by his mother in front of my children. Finally, after a major battle royale about 6 years ago, I “divorced” his family. I have not stepped foot inside their house or gone to any event they have been at, since, including holidays. So when they leave me at home alone, I normally have a few cocktails and then proceed to sleep until the next day.

On the odd years when she is not coming down, I do the big dinner for my spouse and kids. I do every single bit of the work for a traditional Thanksgiving meal, but I take my tradition a bit further. It involves lots of pies, counter top full of pies; so many pies that the kids may sit on the sofa, eating an entire pie themselves for breakfast and then again for lunch or as a bedtime snack. When you have a big family, they are used to having big meals, so turkey and ham are no big deal. But the counter full of pies is different and that’s what is so special about Thanksgiving in my house.

Blueberry, Strawberry Rhubarb and Wildberry, Pumpkin and Apple, Lemon Meringue and Pecan Pie, Butter Tarts and Coconut Cream Pie. They come out of the oven and most times they don’t even have a chance to cool properly. They hear the oven door open and I can hear feet on the stairs. “So, Mom…I noticed you just made a pie. Do you think it’s ready to be eaten yet?” “Can I use the whole bowl of whipping cream?” “Can I have ice cream with it?” The rule on Thanksgiving is that I never say no. They want pie? Of course they can have pie! Fill your boots and enjoy!

Today I have made 4 so far and there is currently ¾ of one left. I am heading out to pick up more whipping cream and my guess is the remainder will be gone by the time I get back. I will make 4 more pies this afternoon (2 apple and 2 pumpkin, that way I have one of each for dinner tomorrow) and after dinner I will make Chocolate Cream and Coconut Cream. By Tuesday, life will continue and my family will have another memory of eating at least 12 pies each over a 4 day period. 

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9 Responses to Holiday of the Pie

  1. jayne says:

    THAT is so awesome!

  2. Ray says:

    That is a @#$@# load of pies! They sound delicious. Congrats on not letting HIS family get in the way of YOUR traditions. (still sad though…)

  3. mala says:

    I haven’t had real pie in a decade… I wish I could have one of yours!

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