broken man

You’re not the man you think you are

Or even hoped to be

You walk away unaware

Of the women you leave behind

You make promises you break

And forget you ever spoke them

You have excuses for everything

That ring hollow and insincere

You aren’t a strong man

Just weak in faith and pride

Not stable for yourself or anyone

Who has ever loved you or touched your life

There are no questions between us

You don’t know me well enough for that

Everything you ever said you’d do

Is exactly what you never did

You did leave me

You didn’t stay

You made me think you needed me

When you held me in your arms

You made me feel protected

Just to turn it all around

You showed me you don’t need me

As you kept yourself away

You made me feel vulnerable

When you abandoned me

You send little reminders

That just don’t ring as truth

Because it’s exactly what you didn’t do

That’s made me lost to you

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2 Responses to broken man

  1. mikemajor9 says:

    Wow… raw, powerful… an amazing piece.

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