pro choice

I am so mad at my body for its arousal
Its primitive and raw urges surging
For being awoken to painful need
And then being denied them, is cruel
And it’s not even a valid denial
It’s my own moralistic choosing
I could easily accept a sexual encounter
Choose a cock from the stable presented
Men lining up like gladiators
Weapons proudly thrusting before them
So eager to be chosen and used
For the sole purpose they convey
They have objectified their manhood
Define them selves by it
Post diatribes about their skill
Their stamina and their abilities
Their single motive is copulation
To please and pleasure a woman
To thrust and parry their swords
To pound pussy and perineum
Into a wet and sloppy battle ground
Stallions to be ridden hard
Used in their virile prime
And then abandoned to nature
Left to be rejected and alone
Unable to perform or be wanted
As they once were when at their best
Cast aside for fresher and younger specimen’s
I have a selection of prime meat before me
In every shape, color and size imaginable
Mine to rip into and tear bites from
To feed my hunger as I see fit
Cannibalistic enjoyment
Devouring them from the root up
It is a sacrosanct pleasure
Of carnal enjoyment
A holy union of flesh
It is Christmas morning
And I have awoken to gifts
All prettily dressed under the tree
Waiting to be chosen
Touched and shaken
Before being exclaimed over
And then thrown aside and forgotten
As quickly as the toy before it
In favour of the next one
The newer one, the shinier one
Or the bigger one
I have all the choices in the world
While you stand there before me
Mockingly naked and yet cock proud
It’s time I took a hand to flesh
Measuring the suitability
And gauging the sustainability
Of the libidenous flesh before me
Until I put the choice to test
Of servicing my bodies needs

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4 Responses to pro choice

  1. jayne says:

    Damn Woman – you enflame my mind and I like it!

  2. Marian Green says:

    Love this. “Cock proud” heh. 🙂 makes me smile.

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