fertile words

As a woman, I am sometimes amused when I discover my writing content is almost perfectly aligned with my fertility cycle. When I am ovulating and fertile, I get feral in my words, demanding and aggressive in my tone and speech. My content is about assertive taking of what I want. My prime goal is to have physical needs taken care of. My attraction and preference is clearly towards hard bodied, masculine males with large, everlasting endowments and stamina.

When I have passed that place in my cycle, I become gentler and softer, more accommodating and offer concessions. I am more emotional and all encompassing that we all “just get along” and everyone has positive aspects to consider. While I may still be sexual, I am more reserved with it and focus more on the emotional aspect of what my life is lacking. My preference at this time is for a more educated and cerebral man who has a majority of what I find appealing, but certainly not the overwhelming need for the big alpha type mate who I want to breed with, when I ovulate.

As a woman, if you have not recognized this aspect in yourself, I highly recommend that you take a look back at your writing and see if you can find a similar pattern. The longer period of time you have to compare, the easier it is to see. I promise you, it’s there. I think it’s absolutely fascinating and is what probably defines the core difference between a man’s and a woman’s style of writing.

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3 Responses to fertile words

  1. G says:

    Interesting! I will have to look back and let you know if I follow a similar pattern.

    • rougedmount says:

      the only reason i noticed is because i have an APP on my phone to track my period which also shows fertility and ovulation and there it was!

      • G says:

        When I first started blogging I noticed a distinctive pattern in when I felt a need to post a photo (before the weekly boobday came into play). I also assumed that my posts formed a pattern but was honestly afraid to really look at it until now…I just hate when shit gets blamed on PMS. But you took a different angle to it, which I appreciated. 🙂

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