non events

Every time I read a post celebrating an anniversary where he bought flowers or a gift then took her to dinner to celebrate, I am reminded that you never once did that for us.

We have never gone to dinner to celebrate our anniversary, not once in 21 years. You have forgotten 90% of the time. Not just when things were bad, but when things were good between us. Fighting the day before about it, does not count as celebrating or remembering the event. You are always sorry and you’ll always do better next year though, won’t you? I have 20 years worth of cards I bought, tore up and threw away because you didn’t deserve to know how much you hurt me by forgetting the day we got married.

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4 Responses to non events

  1. njuri says:

    I’m beginning to wonder why your spouse ever got married.

  2. jayne says:

    I have a friend whose husband doesn’t really do much at all to celebrat things. You’re not alone but I feel your pain…. if I were you, I’d make a call to meet someone right about now…. ; )

  3. A Good Wife says:

    Never? In 20 years!? You seen to want something completely opposite from what you have. I understand your rage and sadness.

  4. mala says:

    yep, I almost married someone just like that… never remembered my birthday, or anything else. I want you to be happy, damn it!! you deserve better 😦

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