damned if i do?

Do you make demands from God?

Because prayer doesn’t fucking work?

Do you still have faith?

When you are positive you have been forsaken?

Do you get in God’s face and say,

“What the FUCK is WRONG with you?

Can’t you see I am so far past the end of my rope

I can no longer function?

What the FUCK do you think I need to learn from this shit?”

Have you ever called God an asshole?

And meant it?

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11 Responses to damned if i do?

  1. Yes, to all…breathe and carry on…

  2. Being 'Her' says:

    I’m the most faithful person ever, however this whole thing couldn’t have been thrown at me for no reason… I don’t know what this fucked up lesson was supposed to teach me. Loving someone I can’t have? Falling for someone who can never be mine? Giving me something to make me smile when what I have constantly makes me cry? I do not get it. 😦 So yes, I have. To answer your question. Sigh. 😦 Hugs from the ‘whore’ lol. And no I don’t think of myself as that, I just think its funny that everyone else does hahahaa.

  3. willowdot21 says:

    Deep breath , count to ten!

  4. jayne says:

    I believe you’ll understand the harshness along with the truth of what I’m about to say. One night bitching with another friend over relationship stuff – it hit me – “Who’s the asshole?” I am the asshole for creating it and being in it STILL. We can be self serving in our reasoning, especially as a mother protecting and or raising kids and rightly so, but in the end, we are the only ones who can change our lives. I’m still in the process and I’m still an asshole but I’m changeing one decision at a time. I don’t want to diminish your anger but you have to take the best direction you can to get away from it. love, J

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