word artist

I am an artist

I paint with words

They fall from my fingers

Like hail on hallowed ground

Damaging the good and bad

Leaving imprints behind

The printed word

Beats static noise in my ears

Drumming into silence

All I bear witness to

Or imagine

Conscious thought

Is abandoned

Emotional context is poured

And smeared with the brush

Of imagination

Pieces of my soul

Embedded inside

The nouns and verbs

Like glitter over paint

I do not write to please

Not myself or anyone else

But to release consonants

From their captivity

Restless images surging

Glare of flash too bright

Making them surge and ebb

With a feral need to be released

To pace until exhaustion claims them

Refusing to die quietly

Alone inside of my mind

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3 Responses to word artist

  1. You have put is so well here, we do write to release and express what is inside us, not necessarily to please others…

  2. loneyheart says:

    absolute stunning perfection.

  3. JMC813 says:

    Absolutely amazingly written. It speaks volumes of what words, and the use of them through creative expression, means to me. I appreciate this immensely.
    Keep Inspiring

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