empty frames

I removed the photos from the walls

Taking down frames and prying up metal tabs

Lifting the back, peeling off the tape

I place the picture in the pile

And put everything back together

Then move onto the next one

There are no more reminders of how we started

Littered throughout the house

All they represented was potential lost

Of how much he failed me over the years

I did not expect to have to parent a spouse

That I would be required to make all the sacrifice

The word compromise was reserved for my use alone

How long does it take to teach compassion?

Or impart an understanding of priorities?

I did not want to see the pictures anymore

And experience the deep sense of disappointment

With every accidental glance

Sometimes you have to put things away

Remove the clutter of broken dreams

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7 Responses to empty frames

  1. don’t get down now. It’s ok. Whatever it was to you… whatever it is, it is. Love brings you enough blindness to carry-on.

  2. loneyheart says:

    its a funny thing, this breaking up and moving on. I left the house and left the memories there with my ex. now every time I am forced to return for some reason, I see that he is slowly doing just this, removing the memories of me. Piece by piece he takes me off the wall. He puts our past into the closet waiting for the day I come and take it away. But in the end who gets the memories of a 24 yr marriage? Who tosses things in the trash or puts them away in storage for the rest of eternity? I wish I knew

  3. mala says:

    I am someone who has to get rid of everything when something is over. Every photo, gift, etc. Otherwise, I wouldn’t survive all the emotions. I hope you are feeling better…

  4. Ray says:

    what a poignant post… You inspired me to write my latest story…. about photos I have in the house I shared that I thought of taking with me when I left my marriage….


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