showered in affection

His finger trails along warm wet flesh

Beaded with the spray of sluicing water

Turning from the pad of skin at its tip

To the gentle scratch of a masculine nail

It traces the line of collar bone

Down the gentle slope of her breast

Circling around the puckered areola

To delightfully tease its hardened crest

His eyes widen in delight

Before narrowing in passion

When her head throws back

Neck arching in exposed grace

Gasp indrawn past pouty lips

Makes his ears ring with surging passion

His fingers splay to open palm

To gently cup the weight of her breast

Her long hair swaying in separated tendrils

As the hot water rushes over heated flesh

Graceful undulations mimicking the sway of kelp

In an underwater forest of unknown discovery

It makes him imagine she is of the sea

Teasing her is delightful to watch

Her fluid movements and simple delight

In the delicate sensation of touch and water

A combination that makes her pliant yet taut

As she sways back and forth in the stream of water

He watches his fingers sample her body

And immediately records her response

His eyes taking in every changing nuance

Of her facial expressions and bodies reaction

To his gentle exploration of her breasts

He purposefully takes a knee before her

Then kneels completely at her delicate feet

Head bent in supplication of her gift

Overwhelmed by the access to his hearts desires

He presses his face against her ample female form

Over the delicate swell of her fertile womb

As his arms encircle the pinch of her waist

And the ample curve of her wide hips

The water making the slip of skin

And slide of flesh a carnal delight of wet silken sensations

Sexual desire and protective pride

Abiding emotions of devotion

Surge through his body as he presses her closer

Wanting to cherish this moment of perfect union

When he accepts his life is devoted to her

He to provide her with the security she needs

Her to provide him with a home and loving family

His searching hands seek the softness of her breasts

As his mouth roots to suckle her extended nipples

He surges with ancient possessiveness

Needing to claim her as an extension of himself

Mark her forever as the mate of his body

Being inside of her is the closest he can get

Pleasing her and making her cry out to him

Is the only way to rectify the loss he feels

When she is not naked and inside of his arms


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6 Responses to showered in affection

  1. You have such a gift with words…

  2. mala says:

    you really *do* have that gift with words… amazing

  3. A Good Wife says:

    Diito everyone. You have a gift. About that book deal….

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