how dare you

Self imposed, cold exile

As I refused him entry

To the domain of my repose

Do not befoul me

Call me names

And belittle me

Because of a premature reaction

To something you imagined

A slight you assume I made

And did not stop to clarify

Had you waited

For the merest of moments

You would have discovered

This for yourself

Instead you use the opportunity

To spew hatred at me

Using words from my childhood

With the intention to harm me

And I reacted with immediate retaliation

You did not expect my confrontation

So different from letting things go

You do not like when I fight back

Instead of being defensive

And so you change tactics

To passive aggressive diatribe

Only you did not have a chance this time

Because I locked the bedroom door

Barred your entry into my world

Shut you out and shut you down

Because your immature stunts

Are getting old and worn out

Through frequent and unpredictable use

It’s no wonder that I do not trust

Or believe a single thing you say or do

When the truth of your actual feelings

Are exposed when you make assumptions

It is the first reaction you turn to

Proving you lie every single day

When you pretend to act differently

You are still the same man

Who waits for any opportunity

To imagine wrong doings

So you can verbally assault me

My reaction will match yours

It will be in your face and ugly

My tone will mirror yours

The angry confrontation

Immediately escalated

With no thought to discourse

I could spend hours explaining

What you did wrong

And what you should do next time

But I am not your mother

I am your wife

And my solution to your officious behavior

Is to simply state the obvious

Fuck You

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3 Responses to how dare you

  1. mala says:

    Passive aggressive behavior is the *worst*… makes me insanely furious, and slinging stuff from your past? Also bad, bad, bad… cowardly. I had an ex that did that, getting mad just remembering it, and I now I’m mad at your husband, too. The ending of your post is perfect! *hugs*

  2. Ray says:

    Dealt with PA behavior for 20 years. NO MORE. Love the “domain of my repose” line. Great piece here.

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