What you are missing

You can not mimic the weight of a heavy cock
Not by silicone artifice or confident projection
The thick, weightiness is deeply satisfying
Not just to see, but to feel on and in your body
A toy does not contain the heat of a real cock
It does not have that impossibly hard steel
Wrapped in the silken movement of a mans skin

Heated flesh tasting faintly of salt and smelling of his intimate musk
A toy is inanimate and does not have the throbbing heartbeat within
The twitching arousal expressing excitement
A woman can feel the engorgement rise or decrease
When a man is tightly ensconced inside of her body
We can feel you sweetly swelling inside of us
Filling us to the point where we are forced to accommodate it
Thinking our bodies can’t and then feeling that indeed, we can

A big and heavy cock parts your intimate areas
It does not enter you, it opens you
When a large erection pushes inside of you
Past the fragile and delicate folds of your secret places
It literally takes your breath away for a moment

Your body becomes an extension of his
It is perfect in the same way as the aorta joins the heart
Or how fingers extend from the palm of a hand
It is beautiful in the way of two separate things merging into one
So that there is no differentiation of where one thing ends
And the other thing begins, even though they are separate in form and function
Nothing can mimic the emotional surrender
Of being rent apart by the impossible heat of a thick and heavy cock
Your body barely accepts it, accommodates it willingly, then finally craves it

It is how someone can feel a phantom limb when it’s missing
When you are entered by the massive erection of a well endowed man
It completes your own female body with a sigh of welcome completion
Nothing else can make you feel this complete surrender
It is the combination of size, thickness, heat, silk and steel
Which make the magic of the union work exactly as it was meant to
It is the correct combination of all the ingredients

The sight and weight of those heavy swinging testicles
Delicious orbs that move on their own volition
With the grace and beauty of an undulating sea
Delivering a heady smack upon sensitive feminine skin
As they provide the base from which hope eternal springs forth
In the proud strength of a mighty oak stand
They promise power and expulsion of life sustaining fluids
Copious amount of tangy cream to spray in wide legged prowess and pride
Seminal fluids seeping and dripping from the wide bulbous head
Of an engorged and fevered shaft proving arousal and promising everything
In the sateen shine of its pearled liquid silver

The sight of a magnificent engorgement is wondrous
Comparing the endowments between the have and have not’s of men
Is like viewing a gelded child’s pony and a Percheron Stallion
You eye is drawn between one then the other
Tracing not only the lines of muscle and brawn
But drawn continuously towards their groin and the infinite differences
To wonder at the glorious evolution of the male form
That thickened appendage of savage delight and torment

And there is no choice between them
It was made by the evolution of the species
My female body craves the superior specimen
The hyper masculine male of plenty
His pendulous glory of sinew and turgid muscle
Makes your womb clench in immediate need and awareness

You can feel the lengthening of your secret passage
And the silken veils of modesty dampen with desire
As your body prepares itself to be taken by the mighty stallion
You have a man of substance between your thighs
He is joined to the essence that marks you as woman

He is the fallen angel who shall make you sing
As he carries your exhausted and battered body
To wherever he chooses to take you
His body controls yours, his power surging through his cock
Reclaiming the part of him contained within you
You do not have sex with a well endowed man
You are taken by him and remade into something better

An orgasm can be claimed by anyone who can follow directions
It is a simple linear and predictable outcome to manual stimulation
But a man with a cock, with weight and size, gives you many
He makes your body respond with no effort or will of your own
His wand is the perfect instrument to wield his magic
As he brings your body to such intense complexity of feelings
That you orgasm repeatedly and when it suites him to make you

Lost, you lose control again and again until you are mindless
You become nothing but sensations and it is only the weight of his cock
That anchors your mind to your body and your body to earth
If you remember sexual encounters with prior lovers
Then he was not well endowed
If he had been blessed with a glorious cock
You would recall a sexual experience, instead
The difference between a penis and a cock
Is simply, everything

If you have never experienced a well hung man
Who is skilled in matters of sexual gratification,
Then all the potential of what may have been, is lost
If you have settled for a man with a small penis
Then you have made enormous compromises
And had to negotiate a sexual relationship
Rather than being immersed in a natural one
You have had discussions and revelations
And worked through issues and found ways to compensate
Rather than being unable to even speak, let alone think

Being with a man who is cock heavy
Means that your body reaches its throbbing sexual potential
Rather than barely passing to the bare minimum possible
If you settle for monogamy to a man with a small penis
Then you will never know what you are missing
Because as much as you try explain color to someone who is blind
They only understand the concept of a color palette
By using their other senses to try and make sense of it.


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18 Responses to What you are missing

  1. Too true, there is no real substitute,,,

  2. mala says:

    Wow.. and I love this especially: “You do not have sex with a well endowed man
    You are taken by him and remade into something better”
    And that is the problem with toys.. no heat, no silk, no pulse…

  3. kdaddy23 says:

    You know, I’ve never seen an ode to a big one written like this before and it’s so very true – anything that ain’t a real one is just a poor substitute; as a bi guy, I do know what women have always known about this (wink, wink).

  4. play613796 says:


    Whatever you do for your “day” job, you need to quit and consider writing full-time. Your words leap off the computer screen and grab the attention of your readers. I was captured by your thoroughness, the attention to detail and your incredible ability to describe this experience. As a man with a small penis, I have often wondered, what’s it like for a woman to experience “big cock sex?” I know it’s different, but why is it different and how is it different, are questions I’m always dying to know. Seldom, if ever do we get an explanation such as you provided, and I, for one, am grateful to you for providing us with a vivid description of this experience. While I know, I can never provide my wife with the kind of big cock experience you described here, this article still serves a very useful purpose to me in that it’s an important reminder that I need to do what I can, within my limits, to provide her with the best sexual experience ever – and every time. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this fascinating topic!

    • rougedmount says:

      you are far too kind in your praise…but i deeply thank you for it anyway. i also linked back another article i wrote, to your wife’s question as it seemed to match the content perfectly.

  5. Glenn says:

    and this is why I hate having a small penis. What’s the point.

    • rougedmount says:

      …if you have read anything I have written, you will see a theme. 80-92% of women prefer clitoral orgasm… so you have a very small minority that would NOT want you because of penis size. Why focus on the 8-20% that don’t work for you as opposed to the majority, who do? As well…size means nothing unless the man is an attentive and skilled man who is intent on pleasing his partner. There is not a single woman (or man for that matter) who would choose penis size over ability.

      Being defeatist about your penis size is annoying to a woman who loves men. OWN what you have, be accepting of it, it’s all you have and its not going to change. Pleasure is a gift to be given and to be shared. Find out what works for you and then work at perfecting it. Large cock domination is not going to be your thing. I am never going to be a Victoria Secrets super model. Get over it and learn to be the best at what you DO well. Once you shift that inside of your head, you will be surprised at how insignificant your actual penis size is.

      • INS says:

        Where are you getting the statistic majority preferring clitoral orgasms? The statistics say that 70% of women cannot have an orgasm via intercourse without clitoral stimulation, but other statistics say that is not true. Also, the women who can have a vaginal orgasm tend to prefer it to the clitoral ones by a lot.

        And from the well endowed men I have interacted with, their experiences with giving orgasms via intercourse seem to be pretty much the opposite of the 30% who can have an orgasm vaginally by intercourse.

      • rougedmount says:

        the statistics vary dependent on what source they come from and are not meant to be a depiction of medical fact merely a representation of what i have read and generated from recall.
        I frankly don;t care what the statistics say is or is not true, because as a woman who DOES orgasm via penetrative sex, I bring my own truth to the equation. An opinion that it can not happen, is obviously not a valid opinion to me. I DO prefer a vaginal orgasm over a clitoral one…by a 1000 to 1 margin and would give up actual sex with a clitoral orgasm, if I was guaranteed a chance at vaginal sex because i much prefer the one over the other.
        I am not entirely sure what you were referencing about the comments about men and orgasm… If a man pays attention to when a woman has an orgasm when he is inside of her, he can duplicate it with practice, so he knows where to position his cock. He obviously has to be in control of himself and not have premature ejaculation or sex is a failure every time for the woman who needs penetrative sex and can;t get it for long enough to cum.

      • INS says:

        My point about the men and orgasms was, most well endowed men who’ve been with women who prefer clitoral stimulation (as you suggest) change them in loving vaginal stimulation. Or atleast that’s what they say.

        Which is your most realistic dildo? No, I am not asking you to compare it to a penis, as you have already done. I am simply asking for the brand.

      • rougedmount says:

        well it is my belief that those men are lying..lol..70%-80% of women can ONLY cum clitorally. He can pound away till the cows come home for milking and it will make no difference to her. Her body would have to fight to get there as its not easy for her.
        As to Dildos? no idea..something soft in silicone ..the realistic feel..

      • INS says:

        Ah actually the statistic indicated 70-80% cannot orgasm via intercourse. One can have an orgasm vaginally via the use of fingers (by stimulating the g or a spot), which are more dexterous and can apply pressure more selectively than a penis. So it would make sense that a larger penis can be less precise because it puts a lot of pressure on the vaginal walls.

        However, it is not unheard of of a smaller penis being more effective by being able to angle and hit the G-spot better and cause orgasm while a larger penis goes past it.

        I find sexual variation to be quite fascinating. There are women who date trans men (they have micro penises from clitoral enlargement generally) and still are extremely satisfied. There are women with chronic vaginismus, who cannot take much more than a finger sized dick comfortably. But these are more suited to your “Small penis Options” post so I’ll end here.

      • rougedmount says:

        …and that ‘pressure on the vaginal walls’ is something that a man would find hard to comprehend, no matter how well the explanation is made, as nothing else feels similar

  6. Glenn says:

    I don’t know about other guys or how they feel but for myself it’s the fact that I know that women or any woman in particular will never feel about my penis the way they do about a big one. Just listening to the way you talk about a big cock and the way most women react to a big penis just makes me feel depressed. It’s not about how well I will satisfy any woman or how she will react or not react to mine. I know she will never give that OMG response when she sees mine.

    No guy with a small or even average penis is going to have a woman say he is “blessed” which is a common description women use for guys who are well endowed. I was reading the post you made about the black guy your were communicating with on FB and I know no woman will ever talk about me the way you talked about him.

    I’m sure if I ever did meet anyone she will be “happy” with what I have and be “satisfied” if I put as much effort into pleasing her as she wants but she will never see me the way should would if I had a thick 8″.

    I know there are things we’d all like to be that we can’t. I’d like to be rich. I’d like to be good looking, I’d like to be really intelligent. I know I will never be any of those things but that doesn’t effect me the way not having a decent sized penis does for some reason.

    I’m sure a lot of the way I feel has to do with the fact that I’ve never had a woman in my life who could offer me the reassurance I needed. So my insecurity has festered inside me all my life. It’s too late to do anything about it now.

  7. Averie says:

    This is beautifully written and intensely erotic. I stumbled here from lovesmallpenis.wordpress.com and am thoroughly impressed. And aroused. Thanks for helping me to start my day off right!

  8. Well written hun. Kudos! A++

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