Compassion? Where are you? Why have you forsaken so many? How is it that they can go through their lives, not knowing who you are? Without you, they are lost. They are so angry inside that it can not be contained. They lash out verbally or in writing, trying to inflict injury upon others. As if the tears they push others to shed will substitute for those they can not. It makes me so very sad that they speculate with the intent to cause emotional harm when others are faced with impossible pain.

The problem is that you do not know you are missing compassion, if you do not have it. You do not accept or acknowledge that you are emotionally damaged or flawed in a very basic way because of it. Without compassion, a response to tragedy and the suffering of others is fraught with personal issues. Even asking someone without compassion to keep their inappropriate comments to themselves or respectfully asking them to keep their thoughts private does not work. The reason is because attention seekers love the drama of conflict and they like to absorb a piece of the event and make it about themselves instead of focusing on the victims of the tragedy. This is a classic exhibition of narcissistic behaviour.

Judgement is not ours to pass; I do not have that right and neither do you!  You may even think you have the right to voice your dissention, that you have the right to subject others to your views, because you assume we share them. It’s why when you are confronted with someone standing up to you and exposing your lack of compassion for what it is, that you react aggressively and try to verbally attack that individual. You hope to gather the support of other school yard bullies or you hope to create fear in others and have them back off or back down. You fear being exposed as an individual who stands alone against a crowd, as opposed to the leader of those who berate and spew toxicity into an environment that is full of human suffering already.

Just be kind to people who are suffering. It costs nothing except understanding who you are as a person. If you have no compassion to give, then I will gladly share mine with you. For you to be that angry and broken, you must have suffered greatly in your past to make you so bitter and lacking. Compassion does not diminish when it is given away; it expands exponentially as does love and hope. I ask that when you experience the person who has none of their own, use it as an opportunity to grow and to not take offence at the things they say or do. Forgive them their trespasses. Take the higher road and believe that others will notice and be grateful that you spoke out against the oppressor.

It is a life lesson in humility and of maturity to put yourself in someone else’s position and imagine how you may want to be treated under the same circumstances. Being angry is a normal emotion, but it is one we learn to manage. If it is always your first reaction to events you witness, then you have to ask yourself how productive you are being with so much emotionally negative energy just waiting for a chance to explode upon others. Looking inward is not easy and not everyone has the ability to affect change in them selves. Some people are simply too damaged to ever understand what true Compassion looks like. That makes me sad for them and grateful I am who I am.

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3 Responses to Compassion

  1. mala says:

    You are such an amazing writer. And I have no answer for you about compassion…. i find that most people have very little.

  2. I am curious, dear. Do you think that he has Aspergers or is on the spectrum, as well? Some of what you’ve described sounds like how I could have been if not having been married to a cancer who broke open a lot of my inabilities with intimacy and emotional awareness.

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