Cat crazy mood


I am sitting on the sofa eating a bowl of green beans as I go through my emails. My cat jumps onto the arm, stretches her neck forward sniffing at the bowl I am holding, ears pointed outwards to the side, making her look like a feline Yoda. As I look at her, wondering what she is doing, she plunks her head face first INTO the bowl and delicately grabs a green bean, jumps back to the arm of the love seat beside me and eats it.


I have no idea what prompted this strange behaviour of green bean stealing or why she decided she could face plant into a bowl of food I was eating, but I have to admit…I did find it funny and it made me laugh. After she ate it, she jumped down, ran into the front hallway and skidded across some cardboard my son left on the floor to go to the recycle bin.

This put her into a state of cat crazy and she has been doing the speed demon runs and 180 degree direction turns for about the last 15 minutes. She flings herself from room to room after she thunders up and down the carpeted stairs, ears back and back arching as she hits the hardwood and scrambles to get her feet underneath her careening body to change directions with hairpin turns.

A cat in a mood is a hysterical thing to watch.

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6 Responses to Cat crazy mood

  1. daytightliving says:

    LOL! I wish you’d got it on video, I would have loved to have seen it!

    My parents cat is 17 kinds of crazy. He does some very wild things, including those ‘speed demon runs.’ I wonder why they do that?

    • rougedmount says:

      she was arched and running sideways, she was slinky to the floor, she leaped into the air, she flinged and flailed, she went as fast as she could in a 4 ft space, slammed into a wall, re-directed herself and vaulted the carpeted stairs in.004 seconds to then throw herself between the railings, come half way down and pull a hard reverse to go back up and leaping through the banister rails. If I had video taped it, then all I would have had to do was blue screen in a velociraptor or a chainsaw wielding maniac to make it into a movie clip. I have never needed to expend THAT much energy at once. cat be crazy today and is now probably napping it off in the pillows of the king sized bed.

  2. I’m not a big cat fan but I would have loved to see it.

  3. Probably GMO green beans.

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