Bottoms Up

My hips are deliciously wide

They swivel and gyrate, undulate

As I move, they announce me

With all the subtlety of African Drums

Beating a sirens call across the plains

Drawing hungry eyes to them

Begging to be manhandled

My swaying hips beg for it

Grab them and pull them

Handfuls of flesh yours to play with

Used to slam me backwards

And impale me on your shaft

Wanting the slap of hands

To mark the fair skin

Temporary stamps of ownership

That heighten my desire for pain and pleasure

My wide, womanly hips

Used to cradle a mans hardness

As he thrusts his frustrations

Or vents his desire on me

Teasingly pleases me

Hearing the wetly slapping sound

Of testicles smacking wet, puffy lips

Rhythmic coital dancing

Punctuated with grunts and groans

Pushing me forward

Pressing breast to sheets

Arms outstretched above my head

The pillow of my ass

A cushion to your hardness

Your thighs spread over mine

The mound of my bottom

High and firm

Your thrusting into the tightness

Down the valley of my ass

Deep inside of the sweetness that’s mine

Your torso pressing me breathless

Your lips kissing my exposed neck

Teeth razing against my shoulders

Your hands in my hair

then pinning my hands above my head

Into delicious submission

You grind against the swelling arches

Your hands trace the lines

Between indented waist

And ample dimpled ass

Until you suddenly pull out

And drag your body down

The slickness of my back

Until your mouth is feasting

Taking nips and using your tongue

To bathe my ass in attention

As your hands massage my buttocks

Pulling and parting them

Exposing the cleft

Breathing in the scent of my arousal

As your face replaces cock

And your tongue snakes forward

Inserting and probing

Nothing gentle or tentative

You are famished and urgent

You are feasting on delicate flesh

You fuck my ass with fingers and tongue

Snarling your demands for me to take it

Making me admit I love the roughness

That I want more demands from you

Forcing me to mewl in gasping breath

That I am yours to play with

To do what you want to me

That my ass is yours

To fuck as you need to

My vocal admission is all I need

To propel me towards orgasm

As my hair is pulled and ass is licked

With my pussy clenching your fingers

My neck is arched and my back is swayed

My wide hips frantically pushing backwards

Teeth biting lower lip, as I cry my release

Body searching for deeper penetration

That you skillfully withhold from me

As my ass rides your countenance

Through the waves of my pleasure

And your face is covered by the slickness

That floods from me and onto the sheets

Leaving white stains of evidence

Gallons of fragrant cum pooling under me

Dripping forward and along my swollen slit

As he watches the rhythmic contractions

Of my puckered asshole as I orgasm

Feeling his fingers get milked

By the steel of my softness

My grinding hips begging for attention

His eyes imagining what was to come

Once he peeled back the denim

And slid down the silk

And exposed my wide white ass

To his sight and his touch

Simple exposure and complete trust

My body is his and he knows it

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7 Responses to Bottoms Up

  1. Uh…I think I just came a little [giggles!] Yeah, I know “this”. It’s is what I want. Now that I’ve known it…

    I need a cigarette.

  2. obeyme15 says:

    GRRRRR this one brings out the animal in me.

  3. MaríMar says:

    I can see this playing out… simply delicious.

  4. Oh boy this was a fantastic read. Yum.

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