everything has changed as nothing stays the same but nothing is different with the passage of time


softly quietly it lives in your soul
a flickering ember of hope
it lives in spite of failings
in the face of despair
so gentlly it needs tending
so fragile it can die
in a whisp of smoke and ash
softly blown away with a wet dawn
wanting so badly
needing so strongly
believing that it can be
scared that it won’t
I want to breathe freely
I want to sail uncharted waters
I need stability
I need security
There is no gain without risk
Yet risking your soul is horrifing
I want to give my heart without thinking
I can analyze it later and work out the details
I want to give him the chance he asks for
Give him the love he is looking for
Show him my open heart
Live for myself, and let him inside of me

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