Book ends

I am a slut for the written word

My consciousness, viewable

Exposed and raw

Yours reform me

Shape me

Bend me

You do not have my ear

You have my soul

Communicative and tactile

A tongue tied

In bondage

To playful banter

Emotional pillars

Articulated with wickedness

Of teasing lilts

And confirmed casualness

Characters share my bed

Surround me in reams

And diatribe

Two dimensional

Consuming personal space

Taking my visual time

Each sharing stories with my mind

To build my own tales with

By their inclusion into my consciousness

Searching for my passions word

By artificial monitor light

And humming motor’s siren

Reclined in boudoir repose

Propped on velvet pillows

Wrapped in silken sheets

Craving a full bodied addition

Whom I can sink into

Perhaps a head to turn

Instead of pages

Humanistic variables

Casually thumbed through

Marked by dog ears

Sensuous and loving

Making a decision

That as the leaves fall

So will the feelings

Of love between us

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7 Responses to Book ends

  1. Absolutely LOVED this…WOW…:)

  2. Divine Bliss says:

    Very nice. So sensual!

  3. That first line really gets you going!

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