red nails

I paint my nails

So perfectly filed

A lovely orange red

A glossy sheen

On oval beds

Stark contrast

To pale white skin

Graceful hands

Pretty hands

Perfect to trace

And touch

Men imagine boudoirs

And naughty girls

Wearing silken clothes

And lacy things

When they see red nails

Their interest jumps

As their minds wander

The glances a bit too long

A secret smile on their lips

Imagining red nails

Being dragged over backs

Or down their arms

And up their thighs

Around  firm buttocks

Over tightening testicles

A conservative woman

In dress and character

Red nails flaunt her secrets

That underneath the vanilla scent

She’s a succubus at heart

Ready to devour you

Or be consumed herself

Leaving tiny raised welts

Spaced 5 in a row

Building anticipation

As your flesh shivers

Imagining shiny red nails

As they drag over your scalp

Pulling your head closer

To her shiny red lips

What heat shall yours find?

What pleasured fullness?

Do you inhale her scent

Or give her your breathe?

Do you delve into her warmth

Or gently tease her?

You wait for guidance

As a caress becomes urgent

Lightly scraping nails

Press half moons into your skin

Like a kittens claws

Of surging contentment

Your answer found

In the delighted scratching

Of her lovely red nails

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3 Responses to red nails

  1. obeyme15 says:

    well manicured fingers and toes are very sexy. Just another tool you have over us.

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