He Is, I am, We are

He is the throbbing of a plucked base string

The vibrations being felt along my flesh

He is the beating of a war drum

Echoing across the dark valley between my thighs

He is Gabriel’s burnished trumpet

Held to perfect angelic lips

He is the erotic finger movement

Along a 12 stringed Spanish guitar

He is the shifting of dawn to daylight

The moment when day fades to night

He is the moment of conception

And the rattle of life’s departing Grace

He is the first splatter of a clean, heavy spring rain

The crystal clear, bowed perfection on a drop of morning dew

He is the beauty of a new born, bloodied baby

The joy of exhaustion on a new mothers face

He is the old bark protecting a majestic tree

The warm, rich soil underneath bare feet

He is the soaring flight of a majestic eagle

The quiet graceful power of a predatory wolf

He is the height of an eternal mountain

The protection of a peaceful glen

He is the beginning

He is time without end

He is naturally perfect

With every scar and imperfection

He is a wanted child

And a needed man

Time did not exist until I saw him

It  slows when he is from my sight

I am imprinted without choice

I was born to be part of him

I am the riverbed he flows across

I am the sandy shore of his pounding ocean

We are the contrast of cloud and sky

Perfectly suited to be together

Yet always be truly apart

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14 Responses to He Is, I am, We are

  1. loneyheart says:

    i love every word, except the last line. I REFUSE TO ALWAYS BE APART.

  2. loneyheart says:

    Reblogged this on loneyheart and commented:
    absolute love

  3. mlbk7 says:

    I know your place and torment. There is no trap only duty and responsibility and for that I not only respect you but love you for it immensely.

  4. amelthalt says:

    Wow! Please don’t ever stop writing. you take my breath away with this.

  5. Yes, you are indeed a talented writer… I look forward to coming back to read more 🙂

  6. Jacque says:

    What a beautiful, heartfelt piece. Love the visuals.

  7. Reblogged this on emmeunrestrained and commented:

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