primitively yours

i keep thinking about the last time we were together..

having you lay behind me..holding me..

god..when you kiss me is all i can do to stay inside of my body
i don’t think i have room for anything else in my mind
but the feel of your lips against mine and the taste of you.
sharing your breath and being devoured
you make me feel consumed
the way you look at me
the way you smile at me and how it reaches your eyes..
the way you talk against my ear
your deep voice rumbling in your chest
you touch me with need
i feel your desire every time you are with me
your hands seem to touch every where
your hands hold mine with gentle possession..
it feels like you are trying to memorize how i feel
they stroke the skin on my arms and shoulders
your lips trail across my back and neck
and the sweet hard press of your body pushes me
and my ragged breathing sounds loud to my ears
i feel my womans flesh swell and soften
i feel the heat created inside of me,from your hands
center and focus between my thighs
i feel the slick wetness of a womans need making me ready for you
knowing that your fingers will come searching for me
knowing that you will kiss your way down my body
that your hands and mouth will explore my thighs and ass
that you will part my sensitive skin and expose myself to your eyes
and your fingers and tongue will start to pleasure me
as you taste and suck and lick my sensitive pink flesh
i hear your deep in-drawn breaths
knowing the scent of me arouses you as much as my taste
you prepare me with fingers and mouth and tongue until they aren’t enough
you tease me by having perfect and absolute control
you don’t allow me time to imagine a world where you aren’t in it
nothing exists but your body and mine
i am throbbing, almost hurting, with my excitement
my breasts ache with the pressure of needing you to suckle me
my nipples are hard and needing the wet heat from your eager mouth
your hard calloused hands are needed, to cup the heavy fullness
the soft rake of your teeth and the steady flicking of your tongue
combined with the steady pressure of your sucking pulls the desire from my body
it arouses me to levels that make me weak and pliable
it makes me demanding and needy
it makes me cry out in voiceless pleasure and wordless passion
the longer you withhold your hard body from my soft one..
the more i know i will die unless you give yourself to me
my world only exists inside the safety of your strong muscled arms
i see your broad shoulders and thick muscular neck
i feel your skin and the shape of your perfect skull as my hands trace your body
nothing matters, nothing exists but the need to have you inside of my body
to share intimacy and be joined in a primitive dance where we are one flesh
when you are deep inside me…pressing and thrusting
it is when i feel complete
complete need, completely woman, complete desire
want is too simple a word to explain how i feel in that moment
i have a biological, overwhelming, almost painful need to give myself to you
not just my body but my soul and mind
i am yours
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5 Responses to primitively yours

  1. rougedmount says:

    Reblogged this on rougedmount and commented:

    i will never forget how it felt

  2. tispersonal says:

    amazing, beautiful!

  3. Marian Green says:

    I’m so glad you reblogged this… I missed it the first time around.

    • rougedmount says:

      i hit some button yesterday when in my dashboard and a whole ton of my work was displayed in a format i had never seen before. i have been writing for a few years on here but only had the blog public in the last 10-11 months

  4. mala says:

    That is awesome, I hope you never do forget it 🙂

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