his presence

you satisfy me on so many levels that i can’t even use my words to convey what i feel
you look at me.. and that is foreplay..it would be good to be taken immediately
and then you touch me and kiss me and you tease me
and you play my body like a musician plays an instrument
every nerve i have is on fire
snapping, arcing and bursting with need
i wake up and want you.. i think about you during the day
you are my quiet moment
you are the soft place i retreat to, inside of my mind
i get ready for bed and as i take off my clothes, i wonder if you would be in bed waiting for me
of if you would slip in later, your cool body pressed against the bare, warm flesh of my curving hips and back
i ponder if a night would come, that you wouldnt want me as fiercely, as i want you
your arms are so strong and i think about you holding me
i see the wide V of your muscled back and my tummy flutters
as my eyes consume every movement of your perfect, beautiful little ass
you are a Greek God poured into the dusky skin of a warm and beautiful body
i love the shape of your head.. your ears..your full lips and  5 oclock shadow
i love your chest and the strong sound of your heart as it beats underneath my ear.
i can’t stand not touching you when you are with me
my skin aches with wanting your hands stroking me
i need you like i’ve never needed anything
i fear elation and joy and overwhelming, unmatched desire
your big brown eyes are soulful…and when you look at me, i melt into feminine need
the biggest issue i have with you, is not being able to shout to the world how amazing i think you are
i know you aren’t perfect but you are so very perfect for me
part of me is scared to share with you how i feel..
i don’t want you thinking i want more than you can give
i don’t want you making a unilateral decision to end things in fear that i will intrude on the life you have
but you make me so  very happy..beyond my ability to contain it
and i don’t want a day to pass with you not understanding how important you are to me
how much i adore you and need you and want you
do i pretend that you don’t impact me as much as you do?
do i pretend that seeing you isn’t one of the best parts of my entire  week? day? life?
every time i look at you, i wonder how i was ever so blessed to have met you
every time you touch me, i know that up until you came into my life
I had no idea how it felt to be completely pleasured, completely consumed and given to
i need you in a way that overwhelms me
i need you inside of my body, as much as you are inside of my head and heart
i am so afraid that it will scare you away
but life is so short, and you never know how much  time you have to share, with people you respect, in your life
if something were to happen and i were to never see you again…
i’d want you to know how much i value you
i think that you are such a good father
i am so proud of how you work so hard, for your family
you are so gentle, kind and so sweet
yet you are so quietly demanding when you make me respond to you
you keep me aroused and eager for you
you quiet my body with your touch and then quiet my mind with your words
there are times that i think i will melt away into nothingness
times when i think that the moment we are in
would be one i would remember for the rest of my life
that i could die content for having had it
the day on the beach that you opened yourself to me
when you shared your history of your wife and daughter
the trauma of the dissolution of that relationship
i wanted to hold you and make it all better
i wanted to protect you and help you and support you
i wanted to give myself to you, to heal the pain of what you had to go through
i knew then, there would never be a moment in my life, where you would not be inside of me
everything in our past brings us to where we are..
i am grateful for everything you went through, to make you into the man you are today
even while i am so sorry you had to endure it
i think you are the most remarkable person
i think you are so smart and funny and sweet.
you’re voice just goes through my soul
its a soft gentle rumble that comes from inside of your chest
it reminds me of my father…maybe its the tone or cadence
but its wonderful..i could listen to you forever
i can’t tell you the security i feel when i am with you
how you make me feel  protected and wanted
i had no idea that i could feel so much all at once
if God is gracious, he will give me time with you
time to make up for all the years i didn’t know you
its a funny thing..
it goes so fast when i am with you and so slowly when i am not
i can imagine that years from now, you will be in my life and we will have some shared memories..
not just of getting to know each other
but of being together and sharing experiences
i want to make you happy
i want you to think about me and smile and want to touch me
i want you to know you can count on me to always support you and have your back
i want to share a bed with you for longer than a few hours
and i want to play with you when we wake up together
i want to see you play with your son
you are so beautiful.. not just physically…but inside as well
before i met you..i didnt know..i just didnt know that a man could touch a woman, like you do
i didnt know that a man could have such iron control over his body
i have never wanted anyone like i want you
i have never needed anyone like i need you
you are such an amazing man..
i am so very, very blessed to have you in my life.
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